Committee Report


LXG Expansion
2011/12 has been a year of expansion for LXG. Membership is up significantly over previous years, and more members than ever opted to renew their membership this time around. Club meetings are busier with 40-60 attendees each time. One advantage of this was the mid-year purchase of games, as member income allowed us to keep the library up to date with a few new games. Quarriors, Star Fleet Captains, and Legend of Drizzt are three examples.

Winter Retreat
Still the club’s marquee event, this year’s Winter Retreat saw 53 gamers braving the Warwick chill to play a lot of games! We had a great time, as these photos show! The practise if asking for a deposit to secure a place at Winter Retreat saw the usual drop off of attendees right before the event vanish. This is good as in years past the club has had to wear the cost of this. The cost of Winter Retreat should remain constant for next year, barring any price rises from the venue. Many photos were taken this year, with some appearing on the website, and other gathered into a Snapfish book that was offered to members, with about 10 takers.

A Game of Games
A Games of Games has been one of the most transformational initiatives the club has introduced so far. Primarily this system is an activity record, in that the more games you play the higher your score will be. The higher your score, the higher your rank. Ranks have been set so that in the early days gaining a rank every meeting or two will not be a problem. Once you get past Prince rank it becomes a bit harder, and reaching the top rank of God or Goddess of Gaming will take years!

Members have reacted strongly to the system, filling in dozens of game sheets every meeting. Scores are kept up to date on the Game of Games page on the website. A Game of Games was introduced in October 2011 and since then there have been a couple of additions whereby those who run individual games for others to play in, or who run leagues also again points rewards for their activities.

LXG won two grants in 2011/12, the second, for the library has yet to have an impact, as we have only just collected the equipment. The first, a grant for two computers and a printer, as already had a number of positive impacts. The first is that it has made it easy to keep a track of memberships, and see who is an isn’t a current club member (and give reminders to those who aren’t!). The computers also are integral in tracking Game of Games scores, and Adrian R set up a special spreadsheet to do this. Grants in 2012/13 are likely to focus on games for the club library once again.

The website has settled into a powerful role of keeping membership informed, while acting as a beacon for prospective new members. A fair number of new members are finding us via the website. A steady flow of club news, articles on games, reviews of library games, and league updates keep existing members coming back too.

The club’s Magic: the Gathering Grand Melee league has grown in 2011/12 (the league runs over calendar rather than club years). The first 7 rounds saw 35 individual players competing. The Grand Melee league costs one magic booster pack per entry. In previous years these packs have gone to individual melee winners and the top points scorers at the league’s end. This year we are trialing a system of achievement where any player can pick up packs as achievement rewards throughout the year.

Viewpoint and Thunderstone are two other leagues running this year, each with over 20 individual players.

The club issued certificates of appreciation and life membership to Mal Owen and Angela Caffrey for their sterling work keeping he club canteen stocked with food and drinks at every meeting.

Looking ahead
In the coming year we look forward to further growth, and more activity. The schedule of monthly meetings on the 3rd Sunday will continue, and where possible we will have more special events in between meetings.

Here is the report from our 2010-11 President, Keith Done:


Executive Summary
The League of Extraordinary Games (LXG) continued to expand in numbers in the 2010-2011 year. Old favourites like Winter Retreat and the Magic: the Gathering Grand Melee continued throughout the year and remain popular with club members.

The club took delivery of $4,285 worth of board games and terrain as a result of a grant from the Department of Communities and was successful in obtaining a further grant for $1280 to fund 2x laptop computers and a colour printer that we will purchase in July 2011.

During the year Jason Cooper had to resign as treasurer due to time constraints with study. The committee was unable to find a replacement for Jason so the treasure’s role was handled jointly by the President and Vice-President.

Due to the continued inability to find a club member who is willing to take over as treasurer in the 2011-2012 year I have decided to seek nomination as treasurer at the AGM.

I would like to thank this year’s committee for their excellent work and look forward to many hours of enjoyable gaming in the year to come.

The 2010 – 2011 committee were:

President Keith Done
Vice president Sean Serin
Treasurer Jason Cooper
Secretary David Kay
Events Officer Eddie Crompton

LXG was successful with (1) grant applications in 2011 – an amount of $1280 to fund the purchase of 2x lap-tops and a colour printer. The funding was provided by the Southside Sport and Community Club Association.

The club will purchase a scanner system (approximately $150) to supplement this equipment. The intention is to use the laptops for club administration (accounts/membership records), tournament events and to create a better library system, integrating electronic records with a bar-code scanner

LXG acknowledges the following organisations which provided the club with references and letters of support for its grant applications:

Multiple Sclerosis Society of Queensland
Young Care
The Cavendish Road State High School P and C
Councillor Ian McKenzie

LXG continued to use the Cavendish Road High School Assembly Hall as its venue for meetings. The only problems that we have had with the venue in recent years include:

(1) A lack of tables for the Legends of Winter and Summer events;
(2)Storage for the ever-growing library;
(3) Humidity in summer.

LXG took delivery of 20x tables an 2x storage cupboards funded from a grant with the Brisbane City Council (BCC), which rectified points (1) and (2) and the School has installed a new fan system that we look forward to using later in 2011.

BCC confirmed that LXG continues to be on a waiting list for a leased building. This would give LXG a 24/7 venue for our activities. However, this will only be considered if a suitable venue is found and, if this occurs, the club membership will vote on moving venue. We have asked the BCC to keep their eye out for a library building, if one is decommissioned.

Major Events
Besides the regular social gaming conducted at monthly meetings of LXG, the following games events were run in the 2010 – 2011 year:

Legends of Summer and Legends of Winter
The popular Warhammer Fantasy tournament was the centre-piece of both Legends weekends. In addition board game and CCR tournaments ran over the same weekend. LXG also provided a venue for an externally organised War Machine Tournament to run during Legends of Summer.

At Summer Legends we experimented with a new format for Board Game tournaments, using a “make your own tournament” system, whereby club members played what they liked and received certificates for winning individual games. There was a Board Game champion, based on a formula involving :

– The number of players in each game
– The recommended duration of each game played
– Ranking in each game played

We don’t claim it’s an exact science but it is a fun way to say who played a lot of games and did reasonably well in them. The Legends of Summer Champion in 2011 was Megan Buckley.

Winter Retreat
Winter Retreat is LXG’s ‘gaming holiday’. Once again, this year’s event was run at Leslie Dam recreation facility at Warwick in July. Fifty-three people attended and the weekend ran without a hitch. Winter Retreat continues to be the premier event of the LXG year and we will continue to use the same venue in 2012.
Due to increasing costs, there will likely be a price increase in 2012 to:

Adults $130
Children $90

This is to be verified in 2012 but be assured the committee keeps the cost to a minimum needed to operate the weekend effectively.

Growth in numbers means we will most likely use a larger hall located close to the canteen for playing games, rather than using the canteen itself.

Thank you to Eddie Crompton for his work in making Winter Retreat a success.

Magic: the Gathering Grand Melee
David Kay’s excellent Grand Melee continues to run each afternoon at club meetings. David, himself, was the Grand Melee champion for 2010.

Viewpoint is an Australian designed non-collectible card game. LXG ran an ongoing league throughout 2010, with Alexander Done taking out first place and the Viewpoint State Championship. Alex attended the World Finals in Sydney in December 2010 and was placed 4th.

Puerto Rico
Terry Krause hosted a Puerto Rico league that ran throughout 2009 – 2010. Leanne Jones was the winner.

LXG was invited to run board games at Auscon, a new gaming event that was held in Brisbane in May 2011. The full details of the Auscon Convention are detailed in a separate report that appears as an addendum to this document.

Community Engagement
LXG continues to run a fortnightly games evening for the MS Society at its facility at Dutton Park. In 2011 LXG also began a games evening at Young Care, a facility based at Sinnamon Park and at the MS facility at Annerley.

The club received acknowledgement of its achievements in a number of local newspapers and were featured in a major story on gaming that appeared in the Courier Mail in March 2011.

Certificates of Appreciation
The committee extends its thanks to the following people for their support in 2010 – 2011 and presented Certificates of Appreciation were awarded in December 2010;

– Angela Caffrey (for running the canteen)
– Malcolm Owen (for running the canteen)
– Leanne Jones (for organising the club’s Magic: the Gathering Library)

LXG President 2010-2011


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