Winter Retreat


In a nutshell, Winter Retreat is a 3 day gaming holiday held at a Queensland Recreation Facility. For the past 20 years, LXG (and LXG in previous incarnations) has run an annual getaway weekend (open to club members and non-club members) for the purpose of playing tabletop games. This is purely a fun, social weekend with no organised events or competitive tournaments.

Current turnout is around 70 people. Everyone is welcome – the kids have a great time! The 2014 Winter Retreat has space for 92 people, so we are hopeful that we won’t have to turn anyone away, as has happened in recent years.

Winter Retreat 2015

The camp is available to use from 1pm on Friday. Many people take the day off from work and arrive sometime that afternoon. Others travel up after work and get there around 8pm. There is the opportunity to car pool if you haven’t got transport. You stay at the facility until 2pm on the Sunday and then head on back home.

In between is a whole lot of gaming, especially those longer games you don’t often get time for (e.g. Twilight Imperium). There are also some popular ‘parlour’ games for large groups (e.g. Ultimate Werewolf). As well as gaming there is usually a pilgrimage to the local tourist traps to buy wine and local produce.

All meals are included in the price:
– dinner on Friday
– breakfast/morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea/dinner on Saturday
– breakfast/morning tea/lunch on Sunday/
There is also bottomless tea/coffee/juice/pre-mixed cordial. If you have special dietary requirements they can be catered for.


2014 Winter Retreat will be at the QCCC Mt Tambourine site on the Gold Coast, Queensland. This will be our first year at this venue.


Winter Retreat will be held 11-13 July (this is a Friday, Saturday, Sunday).
$150 adults, primary school children $110, under 5s are free


We will be using the camp’s WEC venue. The venue has a number of cabins with space for 92 people. There are shower and toilet facilities contained within each cabin. You need to bring pillows, warm blankets, towels and toiletries.

To secure your place(s) please pay a $20 per person deposit to our events co-ordinator at a club meeting. The website will be updated with the number of places remaining as we get closer to the event. As this event costs the club upfront, could all attending please ensure they finalise their attendance and payments prior to the weekend – on or before the June club meeting is best.

If you are not an LXG member call (07) 33988745 weeknights or email or

Some images from Winter Retreat 2010:
lots of games to choose from!
playing the most popular game of the week-end, Power Grid
roman empire, with plenty of figures!
more table space needed!
Twilight Imperium - played from morning to twilight

More images from Winter Retreat 2012


7 comments on “Winter Retreat

  1. I have a question. In picture #4, between the picture of Roman Empire and Twilight Imperium, labeled “Winter Retreate 2010: More Table Space Needed”, what is the game that they are playing?

    Dustin Hulsey

  2. I’ve not seen it in person yet, but my research leads me to believe it’s a game of Arkham Horror complete with a bucketload o’ expansions.

    Feel free to confirm this, of course. :o)

  3. Hi guys,
    Is there any info on Winter Retreat 2013 yet? I want to book 4 ppl for it. 2A & 2K.
    The Eagle

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