Grand Melee League

This page shows the current standings for the 2015 Grand Melee League. The page additionally contains information on prizes, rules, previous winners and more.

2015 current standings

Achievement Pool: 30 Packs

2015 Grand Melee League Rules

Eligibility: The league is open to all LXG members. If your membership lapses, your current points are placed on hold for three months, after which they expire unless you renew your membership in that time. Non-members can play in a maximum of one round.
Format: Vintage Constructed. 60 card minimum.
Additional: Chancellor of the Dross is restricted. Hive Mind and Ajani’s Chosen are banned. Anything involving banding is banned. Because really.
Play variant: Grand Melee, range of influence of 2
Cost of entry: Cost of entry to any melee round is one sealed booster of magic product. Boosters are available at the club for $5 each. These boosters form the prize and achievement pool (see below)

League Play
League play is based on standings in the league ladder, which are determined by who has the most points.

Tables will either be split by the table, or else seeded. Split tables are divided so the top ladder players play one another. Seeded tables divide the top ladder players across all tables. Rounds in 2015 will be either split or seeded, as the organiser decides.

The maximum number of players at a table is 11. If more than 11 players turn up, the table will be split or seeded as detailed above. The round will generally start at 3.00pm, but please be ready to play by 2.45 so that seating and tables can be arranged.

If any rules issues come up during play the organiser’s decision is final.

Standings will be posted to the LXG website following each round. Positions are based first on total points, players on equal points are split by their number of wins, number of achievements gained, number of kills, and number of rounds played in.

Gaining Points
In the 2015 melee league, points are gained in several different ways:
3 points for winning a round
2 points for each achievement
1 point for each kill
1 point for each round played

Each time you kill a player (directly cause that player to lose the game) you gain 1 point. Last player standing wins the melee. There will be one melee round played at each LXG meeting in 2014. The finals will be played in December 2015 and will involve the top 8 eligible players. The finals will be a sealed format, using packs from the achievement pool.

In 2015 prizes will be awarded throughout the year as achievements, and for winning a melee round.
Winning a melee – 2 packs (3 if the melee has 9 or more players in it)
For each achievement gained – 1 pack

Most packs left in the achievement pool in December will be awarded to (and used by!) entrants in the finals. A maximum of 72 packs will be awarded in this way, any additional packs will be awarded to other league entrants after the finals. (In 2014 there were 59 packs distributed during and after the finals). Packs may still be awarded outside the top 8 where there are less than 72 packs remaining at the end of the year. Pool distribution and finals format will be confirmed following round 12 in November.

There are five achievements to be won in 2015, and each one is rewarded with a pack from the achievement pool as well as 2 points on the ladder. Each achievement can only be gained once per league year. The achievements available in 2015 are:
Contender: Play in five or more league rounds in 2015. This achievement also makes you eligible to play in the finals. (Eddie C, Jeremy N, Anthony H, Keith D, David K, Leanne J)
Soul Reaper: Cause 2 or more opponents to lose 10 or more life in the same turn (Oscar M)
Legion: Attack with 20 or more creatures in the same turn (Jay N)
League of Legends: Control five or more legendary creatures (each with a different card name) at the same time (Jay N)
Kingmaker: Get 3 or more kills in a round without winning that round (David K, Fraser K, Sue N, Alexis A)

January (2 rounds) – seeded round based on 2014 final standings
February – seeded round as above, based first on 2015 points then on 2014 final standings
March – ranked based on 2015 points
April- ranked based on 2015 points
May – ranked based on 2015 points
June – ranked based on 2015 points
July – ranked based on 2015 points
August – ranked based on 2015 points
September – ranked based on 2015 points
October – ranked or seeded (tbd)
November – ranked or seeded (tbd)
December – finals and xmas special

Previous Winners
2015 – ??
2014 – Adrian R
2013 – Mal O
2012 – Eddie C
2011 – Adrian R
2010 – David K
2009 – David K
2008 – Adrian R

2014 final standings
2013 final standings


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