About & Meeting Dates

Who is LXG?
LXG is a gaming club based in Brisbane, Australia. At LXG we believe in creating a family-friendly gaming space tabletop gamers of all ages. Our activities revolve around the face to face interaction offered by board games old and new. We manage Brisbane’s (if not Australia’s) largest board game library to ensure that we have something for all tastes.

The club library has over 300 individual titles, and additional copies of popular games. For a full list go to the Games section. In addition to this long list, club members bring their own games in for people to play, meaning that newer releases are also available.

We have over 20 of 8′ x 4′ tables & terrain for fantasy and science-fiction miniature wargames, as well as tables suitable for smaller games.

Meetings have a relaxed & social atmosphere. They are an ideal time to learn the rules of a new game, or practice for a tournament.

We have something on offer for gamers of all levels, from newcomers to tournament veterans.

LXG meetings take place once per calendar month. Meetings last from 9am to 5pm.

2014 Meeting Schedule

26th October
23rd November
7th December

2015 Meeting Schedule

January 18th
February 14th and 15th (Summer Legends Tournament Weekend)
March 15th
April 26th
May 17th
June 21st
July 19th
August 15th – 16th (Winter Legends Tournament Weekend)
September 20th
October 25th
November 15th
December 13th


Our meeting location is the Woolloongabba Bridge Club at 67 Ipswich Road, Wooloongabba

There is limited underground parking accessed directly from Ipswich Road as shown in this image:

Otherwise there is a Bridge Club parking area accessible via Wilton Street as shown here


LXG offers different levels of membership
Family memberships are for up to two adults and up to four children, to a maximum of five individuals
Individual memberships are for single adults
Concession memberships are for children (ie under 18s)

For those who don’t want to take out a membership, there is a casual visitor’s fee of $7 per person per meeting. Note the visitor’s fee does not apply on your first visit!

All memberships last until March of a given year, and should be renewed each April. If you join or renew after April, you will pay a reduced rate as shown in the rate table below.


Type April May June July August September October
Family $72 $66 $60 $54 $48 $42 $36
Individual $60 $55 $50 $45 $40 $35 $30
Concession $36 $33 $30 $27 $24 $21 $18

Type November December January February March
Family $30 $24 $18 $12 $6
Individual $25 $20 $15 $10 $5
Concession $15 $12 $9 $6 $3

All three levels of membership give you access to use our games on club days, and record your progress and successes through A Game of Games. Individual and family membership holders may also borrow games from the club library between meetings.

Memberships last until March of each year, and must be renewed in April. If you join after April, your membership rate is reduced on a pro rata basis.

We also offer gaming memberships to existing members who cannot attend all meetings over a year due to work or other commitments. Gaming members pay $10 for each meeting attended. Details here.

Special Events
Summer Legends. Held each February we have a two day meeting, with gaming events running over the two days.
Winter legends. Held each August we have a two-day meeting, with gaming events running over the two days.
Winter Retreat. The club’s marquee event with places for 50 gamers to go somewhere cold during winter and play as many games as possible in one week-end! Winter Retreat 2012 details.

Activites Outside Club Meetings
LXG is an outreach club, and we are always happy to show up at outside events andpush the wonders of board games. LXG has frequently run board game events, or a casual gaming lounge at larger gaming events such as GenCon and AusCon. If you’d like an LXG presence at your event please get in touch with us through our Facebook page.

LXG also runs MSQ and Young Care gaming nights, and we’d love your involvement too!

LXG would like to acknowledge and thank the Queensland Government & the Gambling Community Benefit Fund.


36 comments on “About & Meeting Dates

    • Hi,

      your first visit is complementary, currently casual fees are $6 per
      person per meeting, or else you can take up a membership
      which would take you through to March 2012

  1. Hi there. I will be on holidays in Brisbane weekend of Aug 20-21. Would love to come and play some board games. Can I come? My fav game is Agricola and would be happy to teach anyone to play 🙂

    • Definitely! We have a copy of Agricola (and about 300 other board
      games) in our library, so come along. Sunday is usually busier than
      Saturday, but you should have no problem finding players on
      either day.

  2. Hi guys,
    I am a boardgame lover in UQ from China and I am interested in your activity. I have played over 60 boardgames including Domian, Small World, the Catan island, Battlestar Galactica, A Game of Throne(Both card and board), Starcraft the Board Game, and so on. I love almost all kind of boardgames, especially war board games.
    I found that there are no boardgame club in UQ. I want to make more friends by boardgames here!
    Please contact me with e-mail: playeye@qq.com
    Looking forward to your reply!

  3. Hi lxg, I have been introducing my children to various basic games( cards, heroica, chess, rat-a-tat cat etc.) and they really enjoy them. Would I be able to bring them to your group, or are they too young? ( They are 7 yrs old)
    Hope to see you on Jan 20.

    • Hi Murray, we have a number of games that are suitable for the 6-8 age range, so bring them along and there should be something suitable.

  4. Hi,

    My partner and I are interested in coming along. Do we need to do anything aside from just turn up? We’ve only really played conventional board games but I used to be into a bit of pen and paper RPGs back in the day.


    • Not at all! Just turning up is great! We have multiple games on the go at any one time, and it should be simple enough to join in (many of the games we play can be learned in a few minutes and there’s always someone to show you the ropes)

  5. Hi there
    I am 21 and I am moving to Brisbane in a few months. My friends and I in adelaide get together for games nights often, but it’s just social fun.
    When I come to brisbane ill be hoping to meet some new people who enjoy nights in gaming.
    How serious is the level of gaming? Is it too competitive for a social gamer?


    • Hi Chloe, the focus in LXG is definitely on social gaming! We have competition days twice per year, but other than that its all social.

      • Excellent! Thank you 🙂
        What is the usual age range of your members? I’m sure people of all ages, but in general 🙂


      • I’d say 80% of our members fall in the 25-45 age group, with the rest falling either side of that

  6. Hey Guys,
    I have recently gone through my Rares Folder for Magic: The Gathering. As I do not get to play or make decks as much as these cards deserve I have decide to sell off my collection (Keeping a couple… ok most likely 6 decks for play).
    Before approaching the Brisbane stores and then eventually the web (such as http://magic.tcgplayer.com) I was wondering whether members of LXG would like have first pick.
    Price would be based of the above websites Mid Range Price minus 10% (prices between 0.50 to 1.00 a single).
    I have an excel with the full listing of 267 cards with some multiples and their associated price. I would then attend the October meeting to transact/view.
    Of course if someone wants the lot I would sell for $480 and chuck in an Ultra Pro 3 rings folder with 9 a page for free.
    Please note if there is a bylaw or club rule not to do this that is fine.
    If you send me an email address I can send through the listing.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

    • Thanks for letting us know JT. If you bring them to the next meeting that should be fine. There’s no club rule against this, people have sold or traded games, cards, and wargame armies in the past at the club, so that’s fine.

  7. Hi LXG,

    Big thanks to Kim, Paul, and Phil for schooling me on T’zolkin and making me feel welcome on my first day. Great introduction to the club.

    Sorry I had to run and couldn’t help with the move. See you soon.


  8. Evening guys. We at the MESSAGE (gamermessage.com) are trying to produce a complete list of gaming spaces which are friendly to women and other minorities. Are you guys interested in being added to that list?

  9. Hi I am interested in possibly joining. I want to get into Magic the Gathering but Australia is a bit lacking the the club areas. I have never MtG before as no one to play with/against. DO you do MtG and is it noob friendly?

    • Hi Ben, each meeting we have a multiplayer MtG game where strange things often happen! You can also grab casual games throughout the day. Best bet would be to come along on 21 September. We are definitely not running tournament training games here. Also once you join you get access to our card library which should help kick start your deck building.

  10. Hi lxg,
    I was wondering if you have a market
    /notice board where people can exchange/sell/buy games. I have some games that I bought and found too hard for kids/me. I used to bring my kids to meetings but have not found time for quite a while.
    Any help to get rid of some games would be appreciated.
    Hope to see you all again some time.

    • Hi Murray, your best bet would be to make a post on our Facebook page. We had a ‘bring and buy’ sale in April this year, which went quite well.

  11. Hi Dave,
    Thanks for the prompt reply.
    I am not on Facebook. Is there another way?
    Is it worth listing a few of them in this form?

  12. Evenings, I picked up a business card back from supernova last year, and I’m interested in joining but just wanted to ask whats the summer tournament about?
    as I missed this month and hope to attend the nexts

    • Hi Kurt, the Summer Legends meeting involves two days of gaming rather than one, so 14 & 15 February. There will be a number of organised events, but the usual casual gaming and out games library will be available both days, so feel free to come in on either or both days, there’s no need to register or anything.

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