A Game of Games

A Game of Games was originated by David Kay, and was created by David Kay, Keith Done, and Adrian Roberts

The premise is simply: Every game you play counts.

Rise in rank to become a God or Goddess of Gaming.

Rank Title Points
16 God / Goddess of Gaming 5,000
15 Emperor / Empress of Gaming 3,000
14 King / Queen of Gaming 2,000
13 Viceroy / Vicereine of Gaming 1,500
12 Grand Duke / Grand Duchess of Gaming 1,000
11 Archduke / Archduchess of Gaming 800
10 Elector / Electress of Gaming 600
09 Prince / Princess of Gaming 500
08 Duke / Duchess of Gaming 400
07 Marquis / Marchioness of Gaming 300
06 Count/ Countess of Gaming 250
05 Viscount/ Vicountess of Gaming 200
04 Baron/ Baroness of Gaming 150
03 Baronet/ Baronetess of Gaming 100
02 Knight/ Lady of Gaming 50
01 Esquire of Gaming 20

How to get points. Three simple steps:

1. Find a game and someone to play with
2. Play the Game
3. Report the results

It’s that simple! Oh, you want more, then read our handy how to play guide.

Each game is worth a number of points depending on the number of players. For example in a three player game the winner receives 3 points, the second player 2, the last player 1. For longer games a time-based modifier is applied.

For example the game Power Grid has a x2 modifier, so in the case above the winner would receive instead 6 points, the second player 4, and the last player 2.

All scores are held on a club computer and will be displayed on the Game of Games tab once we are up and running with the system. In addition to paying games at club meetings and Winter Retreat, you can also earn organiser points and league organiser points.

Every club game has a modifier between 1 (short games) and 8 ( we have some really long games). The modifiers for some of our more popular games is given below. You can ask after the modifier of any game during a club meeting. The modifier is 1 per hour or part that the game takes to play according to its box. Where a range is given, always use the higher number. For example a game with a 60-80 minute playing time on the box would have a x2 modifier. The ‘official’ playing time is what is always used, rather than the actual time the game takes to play.

Dominion 1
Small World 2
Thunderstone 1
Power Grid 2
Magic Grand Melee 2
Puerto Rico 3
Battlestar Galactica 3
Dystopian Wars 4
Twilight Imperium 4

Exclusive to LXG members.
Current Standings
Standings are shown with the highest rank first. Ranks are only shown once one or more members have gained that rank. There are usually two rank badges per rank, the one shown corresponds to the person with the highest points in that rank. So if the most points within the Duke/Duchess rank are held by a female club member, then the Duchess rank badge will be shown. If by a male club member, then Duke.

Keith D (2,090)

Eddie C (1,836)
Leanne J (1,703)
David K (1,591)

Grand Duke/ Grand Duchess
Grand Duke
David M (1,214)
Adrian R (1,126)
John M (1,062)
Alex D (1,043)
Cassie V (1,019)
Jeremy N (1,010)

Vanessa T (970)
Ross vS (997)
Kat McG (952)
Nigel B (929)
Dustin H (845)

Courtney J (778)
Anthony H (772)
Leigh R (755)
Martin I (755)
Andrew B (751)
Peter B (737)
Angela C (641)
Jennah G (639)
Tony H (607)

Alex Sp (585)
Greg P (576)
Mal O (557)
Liam P (548)
Terry K (537)
David R (531)
Luke vS (505)

Graham M (490)
Darren C (456)
Aris T (451)
Sean H (424)
Dylan S (414)
Philip B (402)

Pedro E (390)
Sam M (379)
Peter H (373)
Jay N (367)
Kahla B (354)
Tom D-R (359)
Jessia H (308)

Anthony R (293)
Kris D (279)
Michelle H (268)
Rachel vS (264)
Kim A (257)
David B (255)

Callum Sp (234)
Helen L (235)
Junna H (234)
Paul A (210)

Darryn W (194)
Grace C (198)
John H (190)
Kate R (188)
Ijaz F (173)
Ciaran W (170)
Drew T (157)
Tony F (150)

Peter T (145)
Oliver C (142)
Joe C (129)
Alexis A (119)
Jeff F (102)

Tyson D (99)
Toni L (95)
Greg He (94)
Emily C (90)
Shane A (82)
Greg W (81)
Julian vS (70)
Sallie M (69)
Sue W (71)
Loryn K (61)
Veronica A (58)
Stephen M (53)

Charlotte M (47)
Jono C (44)
Tiny (43)
Jake B (40)
Ryan H (34)
James R (34)
Fraser K (34)
Murray H (30)
Jasmin H (29)
Rachel R (29)
Jonathan B (27)
Emily K (23)
Nicholle K (22)
Doug K (22)
Peter He (20)

Matthew H (17)
Hazel L (13)
Miranda K (9)
Jordan B (8)
David W (4)
Kevin B (4)
Steve A (2)
Leah M (2)
Lee L (1)
Rose L (1)
Mark B (00)
Damon J (00)
Sue M (00)
Kaitlyn P (00)
Kaitlin R (00)
Louise B (00)
Liam F (00)
Michaela F (00)
Christian F (00)
Matthew D (00)
Patrick D (00)
Kevin B (00)
Vladimir P (00)
Jess A (00)


28 comments on “A Game of Games

      • All games have a modifier. check the list on Sunday. those above are just example, since we have over 300!

      • Hi Peter,

        We can easily accomodate Pkemon and Yu-Gi-Oh. If the product nominates an average playing time we will use that – if not, let us know what you believe the average playing time of a game is.



  1. My points seem to be missing? 😦 I played at least 15 games over winter retreat but I haven’t moved from my previous points total of 44 … Most of them were played with Daniel McG, I filled out all the sheets and he moved up 40+ points.

    • HI Andrew, yes I have your points but you haven’t renewed your membership for 2012 yet. They will be added when you do – you got 35 points all up, not counting any games that finished after 12.30.

      • That’s weird. I transferred money to pay for both winter retreat and membership renewal at the same time. I’ll talk to Keith and see if I can get it sorted.

  2. The points for Andrew B and Vanessa T are missing. We both renewed our membership at the Winter Retreat.

    • Your points have been added up, I will add you both to the list tonight. You’re both Knights from memory.

  3. Hi David/Keith.

    I was wondering if you could check to see why my points aren’t on the Game of Games list. I renewed my membership on Sunday May 19th.

    Also, unfortunately, I lost my receipt when I attended the Paniyiri festival after attending QLEGS 😦 and was wondering if I could get a copy at the next QLEGS meeting (17th and 18th August)??

    Regards and Thanks
    Gary Sands

    • Hi Gary, thanks for letting me know you have renewed. I hadn’t been made aware of that, which is why your points have fallen off. I’ll update the page shortly and restore your points.

  4. Hello, I was wondering if my points from Grill’d have been transferred across? I thought I may have a few more. Thanks.

    • Hi Cassie, Grill’d points are on their own leaderboard, as you don’t have to be a club member to play there. This ladder covers games played at club meetings or club events such as Winter Retreat.


      David K

    • Hi Cassie, my mistake, the Grill’d scores are included in the ladder – I can add your points in this week, cheers

    • Hi, I don’t mean to be annoying, but I think my Grill’d points are still yet to be added? I think I received about 70 points when we had the winter legends and I’m currently sitting on 100 points at Grill’d so either I’m just wondering if this could be updated please? Thank you.

      • Hi Cassie, yeah I think what’s happened is I’ve added the points you’ve gained since you joined the club but not the Grill’s scores from before then. Shouldn’t take long to work out the difference. Expect an update this week-end!

      • Hi Cassie, I’ve added your points from the past four club meetings (July-October) and that comes to 52. I’ve added that to your Grill’d total.

      • Hi Cassie, I have had a look through some old emails and found your legends of winter points (60). I will add those which takes you to 233 points and Viscountess rank.

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  6. Hey David! Thanks for that! I thought there may be a few more points floating around somewhere but wasn’t sure. Glad to be going up in the ranks. 🙂

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