Winter Retreat 2015 details



Where: QCCC Mt. Tamborine, 255 Beacon Road North Tamborine QLD 4272
When: 24th – 26th July 2015
Cost: $155 Adult $145 U17

Where: QCCC Mapleton,70 Obi Obi Road MAPLETON QLD 4560
When: 22nd – 24th January 2016
Cost: $170 Adult $140 U17

In a nutshell, the Retreats are a 3 day gaming holiday held at a regional recreation facilities. For the past 20 years, LXG (and LXG in previous incarnations) has run annual getaway weekends (open to club members and non-club members) for the purpose of playing tabletop games. This is purely a fun, social weekend with a couple organised events (such as Magic: the Gatherin, Ultimate Werewolf and Twilight Imperium.

Current turnout is around 70 people. Everyone is welcome – the kids have a great time!

The camp is available to use from 3pm on Friday. Many people take the day off from work and arrive sometime that afternoon. Others travel up after work and get there around 8pm. There is the opportunity to car pool if you haven’t got transport. You stay at the facility until 2pm on the Sunday and then head on back home.

In between is a whole lot of gaming, especially those longer games you don’t often get time for (e.g. Twilight Imperium). There are also some popular ‘parlour’ games for large groups (e.g. Ultimate Werewolf). As well as gaming there is usually a pilgrimage to the local tourist traps to buy wine and local produce.

All meals are included in the price:
– dinner on Friday
– breakfast/morning tea/lunch/afternoon tea/dinner on Saturday
– breakfast/morning tea/lunch on Sunday/

2015 grand melee league, round 6

Another single table, this time with 11 people. Jeremy N emerged victorious in a game that saw many players do ‘interesting’ things with their decks.

Alexis A got three kills and the Kingmaker achievement, David K and Leanne J each played in their fifth round of the year for the contender achievement.

Here are the standings after six rounds:


Winter Retreat grand melee format

Each year at Winter Retreat we have a special grand melee where the winner of the previous Winter Retreat chooses the format for the next one.

Last year’s winner, Eddie C, has determined the format for this year’s grand melee at Winter Retreat shall be:

Two-headed Giant

In this variant, players are put in teams of two, who play with their own deck, but share life totals (each teams starts on 40) and has a shared turn.

Two-headed giant rules

Yes, this does mean we shall require an even number of players. Your deck can be built as per normal, and the teams shall be randomised. This means we’ll ignore the rule about a team’s deck not having more than 4 of any non-basic land as you can’t control who you are paired with.

The normal melee banned and restricted list will apply, along with the single banned card for two-headed giant.

A Game of Games – hail to the king!

I have updated all of the Game of Games scores except for some April scores. Keith is out first King on the ladder, thanks to the organiser points he picked up after an exhausting week-end of Legends. Well done Keith!


Ranks newly gained are:

King: Keith D

Viceroy: David K

Grand Duke: John M

Archduke: Nigel B

Electress: Jennah G

Prince: Terry K, Dave R, Greg P

Duke: Dylan S

Marquis/Marchioness: Phil B, Jay N, Kahla B

Count/Countess: Rachel vS, Kim A, Kris D

Viscount/Viscountess: Michelle H, Paul A, Helen L

Baron: Darryn W, Drew T

Baronetess: Alexis A

Lady: Sue W

Esquire: Jake B, Toni L, Stephen M, Jono C, Fraser K

Congratulations to all!

Summer Legends – News and Results

Summer Legends 2015 is now behind us, and what a weekend it was!

Overall there was a great mix of the regulars and new faces, with tournament play and social gaming happening side by side, with a great time had by all.

There was also greater than expected success with the Car Boot Sale over the weekend, which ended up having over 500 items for sale!  With such a response, we will now be holding the Sale over every Legends weekend – more details to come in the next couple of months.

To see some pictures and what people are saying about Summer Legends, come see us on our Facebook page!

Summer Legends – The Results

Congratulations to all players, and an extra big hand for all of our finalists!

The final results are:

Title 1st Place 2nd Place
7 Wonders Cassie Varian Nigel Bell
Abandon Ship David Rogers Darryn Wong
Agricola Terry Krause Deng Deng
Blokus Kat McGowan Michelle Horn
Carcassonne Stephen Mierendorf Richard H
Dominion Leigh Ryan Kat McGowan
King of Tokyo Darryn Wong Graham Marchall
Lords of Waterdeep Kim Alexander Jono Chabowski
Magic: The Gathering –
Dylan Shearer Jay Nielson
Magic: The Gathering –
Grand Melee
Jay Nielson Adrian Roberts
Pictionary Nigel Bell / Jay Nielson Cassie Varian / Martin Irish
Kat McGowan / Helen Lock
Puerto Rico Leanne Jones Robert A
Ra Kris Downey Leanne Jones
Scrabble Nigel Bell Darryn Wong
Terra Mystica Deng Deng Kahla Bellhouse
The Settlers of Catan Greg Perez Neil K
Ticket to Ride Jesse Moore David Moreton
Twilight Imperium Tony Horn David Morton
Tzolk’in Ben Varala Paul Alexander
Viewpoint Luke von Someren Michelle Horn

Prizes will be awarded at lunchtime at the next club meeting – March 15th!

Summer Legends 2015 – Feb 14 and 15

Coming on Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 February is the 2015 Summer Legends!

This year’s event promises to be truly legendary with a packed schedule full of different tabletop events, and also plays host to the Battletech Summer of Anarchy Event!

Games, Times and Costs are shown below:

LXG 2015 Summer Legends Schedule

LXG 2015 Summer Legends Schedule

Also, returning is the club Car Boot Sale! Bring along any games you wish to sell, and browse through what others have on offer.

Simply bring your games to a LXG committee member to register your games, and at the end of the day see the committee member to collect your money and any unsold games.

LXG members register their games for free, non members have a $7 fee.

As usual, any questions please let us know on our Facebook page.

Can’t wait to see everyone there!

A Game of Games January 2015

A big update to start the year, with lots of ranks gained and a lot of new members added to the tally. This update includes both January club meetings and Summer Advance, so many members have jumped more than one rank in this update.

Ranks gained:

Vicereine: Leanne J

Grand Duke: David M, Alex D

Archduke/Archduchess: Vanessa T, Cassie V, Kat McG, Ross vS, Dustin H

Elector/Electress: Andrew B, Leigh R, Martin I, Angela C

Prince/Princess: Jennah G, Mal O, Tony H, Alex Sp

Duke: Graham M

Marquis/Marchioness: Pedro E, Tom D-R, Jessica H

Count: Anthony H

Viscount/Viscountess: Callum Sp, Rachel vS, Junna H, Kim A, Kris D

Baron/Baroness: Kate R, John H, Ciaran W, Helen L, Paul A, Ijaz F

Baronet: Peter T, Darryn W

Knight/Lady: Sallie M, Julian vS

Esquire: Loryn K, Jeff F, Doug K

Congratulations to everyone! You can see the full ladder at the Game of Games page.

Vicereine Grand Duke Archduke

2015 Grand Melee league round 2

We had a single table of nine players today including new player Fraser. Jay N ended up winning the table in what turned out to be a close game of many restarts. Jay N got one kill plus the ‘super friends’ achievement. David K got 3 kills and the ‘kingmaker’ achievement, while Anthony H got 2 kills and Adrian R and alex Sp each got one kill.

Here are the standings after two rounds, as there were two rounds in January this year.


FRIDAY a solo adventure by Friedemann Friese

002 This is a great little game to take when traveling or when its just you who feels like a short game to pass the time.

It takes around 30 mins to play, is easy to set up and is quite challenging.

The game is based on the story line that you are Friday living on a deserted island. Suddenly your peace is shattered by the arrival of Robinson when his boat capsizes. You realize that to restore your peace, you will have to train Robinson on survival techniques and then get him to defeat the two pirates guarding the island. He can then leave.

The game is played in 3 rounds progressively getting harder and then you must defeat the pirates if you can survive that long…..

003The game comes with 3 small boards.

The left is where you place the “Aging” cards. These will be detrimental to your survival and are added to your fighting deck every time it is exhausted and reshuffled.

The middle is where your “Fighting” deck is placed.

The right is the “Hazard” deck is placed. Hazards have different difficulty levels based on what round you are on. Green is easy, red is hardest.

011Other components included are 22 life counters. You start with 20 and 2 are put aside.

Pirate cards – shuffle the deck face down and select 2 at random. These are you ultimate challenge – beat these and you win!

Difficulty level cards – start with green on top, then yellow and red on the bottom.

The picture above shows the game ready to play.

012The first thing you do in a round is draw 2 hazard cards. You need to select one of these to fight. If you beat a hazard card, it is flipped and added to your fighting card discard pile.

The two cards revealed are “With the raft to the wreck” which has a difficulty of 0 (we are on the green level) and would give me the special ability to add another 2 free cards to the fight. The other is “Wild animals” with a difficulty of 4 and would give me 1 extra free card, but it does also have a fighting score of 3 (top left of card when flipped – more on that later).

The white number in the white area middle left of each card is the number of “free” cards you can draw when fighting the hazard. In this case 1 and 4.

Your starting “fighting” deck is very weak, so it is unwise early – unless you like a real challenge – to tackle the more difficult cards. The score of 0 to beat for a reward of +2 cards in a fight is to good for me to pass, so I discard the Wild animals and take on the With the raft to the wreck.

013This is placed beneath the fighting deck board.

I draw one free card as indicated on the hazard card and place it to the left of the hazard card.

015It is the card – Weak. It has a fighting score of 0. Lucky for me the current hazard only requires me to equal or beat a score of 0, which I do in this case. I flip the hazard card and add both to my fighting discard pile, successfully beating the hazard.

017So ends my first adventure and I picked up the benefit of being able to draw two more free cards! The board now looks like this.

Free cards I hear you say? You keep mentioning free cards… Do I have to pay for cards in some way? Yes you do! you will find out how further on when I’m not so lucky at beating the hazards…… So on with the adventure!

018I draw 2 more hazard cards. This time “Exploring the Island” and “Wild animals”.

I choose Exploring the island. It does not have any special effect, but does give 2 fighting strength. It also only requires a score of 1 from 2 free cards.

021I draw my first fighting card and as luck would have it, I am focused and score the 1 point I need to defeat the hazard. You do not need to draw all of the free cards indicated on the hazard. In fact, you can decide not to draw any…… If you lose against a hazard (which you can do on purpose), you can remove unwanted cards from the game… at a cost….. More on how that works later.

023so onto the next turn!

We have “With the raft to the wreck” score 0 and “Cannibals” score of 5…

Deciding to once again play it safe, I discard the nasty Cannibals and take the raft.

025Even though I am feeling weak, I manage to defeat the hazard which will allow me to exchange cards during the fight and place both cards in my fighting discard pile.

I can’t believe my luck so far….. something must go wrong surely!

027The next two hazards are “Further exploring the island” score 2 from 3 free cards and “Wild animals” score 4 from 4 cards.

I like the “sort 3 cards” special ability of the Further exploring the island card. This ability allows you to look at the top 3 cards of the fighting deck, discard one and put the remaining two back in any order.

so I take it and discard the Wild animals.

029Oh NO! the bad luck has arrived! I have drawn my 3 free cards and now need to score 3 due to being distracted and getting a penalty of -1!

Now, given that I have used all of my free cards I have the option of paying for a card. To do this I must spend one of my life tokens. This will allow me to draw 1 more fighting card which is placed to the right of the hazard card. Or, I could chose to do nothing, in which case I would have to pay 3 life but in doing so could remove 3 of the played cards from the game.

I decide to pay 1 and draw.

031Oh dear…. that did not go well. I spend another life point and draw again…

033Gakkk! That hurt!

At this point I decide to cut my losses and pay the 3 life points to lose the fight.

034I select the three cards played this turn that I want to remove from the game and do so, put the remaining fighting cards in my discard pile and discard the hazard.

I should have just ran from the hazard for 3 life and saved the 2 spent trying to win…… I am now down to 15 life remaining……

036The next hazards to face are “Exploring the island” score 1 2 free cards and “With the raft to the wreck” score 0 1 free card.

I decide to explore the island…..

038Another disastrous result when I become distracted again…. I now need to score 2! I spend 1 life point and then another…..

042At least I pulled 1 point back.

043I decided to pay 2 life points and remove the 2 -1 cards from the game…..

Surely things must get better with them gone!

045Next we face “Wild animals” and “Exploring the island”. I go with Exploring as I need the life bonus it brings…..

047Again luck deserts me except for the additional 2 life I pick up from eating. However I still need to score 2 points to beat the hazard.

049I spend 1 life point and BINGO I score the 2 required and pocket that sucker! About time my luck changed!

051Next comes “Exploring the island” and “Further exploring the island”. I decide on the first one. The “1x below the pile” ability allows you to put a card played under the fighting deck. This is a great way to reuse a card and keep the reshuffle and aging cards at bay….

053I easily defeat the hazard and move on to the next… I will now only show the results of the cards chosen, not the selection process.

056Exploring the island, I again draw badly. At this point I have exhausted the fighting deck.

057I take the top card of the aging deck and shuffle into the fighting discard pile to form my new deck.

061I pay 1 of my remaining 12 life to draw a card and get “eating” which gives me 2 life back. I decide at this point to lose the fight, pay 2 life and remove the “weak” and “distracted” cards from the game.

065Exploring the island again, I have no luck point wise with my free cards (I only need to score 1…..). Luckily however, the “equipment” card allows me 2 extra cards and the first one I draw scores 1 point and gives me 1 life point to boot!

Upon further exploring the island, I came up with the goods and easily defeated the next hazard!


My good luck continued until the hazards began to get harder!

With the depletion of the hazard deck, the green level card is placed below the yellow and red difficulty cards and I now have to beat the yellow scores on the hazard cards.

089092While exploring the island, I again have to add another aging card and reshuffle the fighting deck to continue the fight with the hazard card (which is not going well…).

I draw my next free card and this is a “equipment” that allows me to draw 2 more cards!

My first gives me 1 life token back and scores 1 so back to 0, still need 3 more points (yellow). My second card is “eating” and gives me +2 life.

I pay 1 life and draw a card – “deception” 1 x below the pile, but more importantly another 1 point.

098I decide to put the -1 on the bottom of the pile. I know it will come back, but I need that point back!

100Because the card put back was a free card, I can replace it. I draw a weapon giving me enough to defeat the hazard!

106Further exploration finds me 4 points short, my realization allows me to destroy a card. I turn the chosen card face down. It’s value is now 0 and it is removed from the game when the hazard is completed.

110I pay 1 life and draw a 2 score card, another 1 life for 1 score card and then a third for another 2 score card and the hazard is defeated!

121Wearily I take the raft out to the wreck, alas my strategy gives no score. I pay 1 life and draw a “Repeat” scoring 2 and beating the hazard.

124Continuing my exploration I find myself needing 3 points. My free cards give me 2 points and I can draw 2 more cards. Note: I could have used the exchange ability to replace the “weak” card when drawn, but chose to keep drawing and getting the food gave me the points needed and 1 extra life point.

130I have skipped ahead after continuing on my quest and now I am seriously low on life with only 1 point left. You are not dead if on zero, but if you can’t pay a life point cost due to failure to beat a hazard, you lose…… I press on.

135I get lucky and gain a life. My 3rd card is a 0 score so I use the exchange ability on the first free card and gain a genius card for 2 taking the total to five and beating the hazard.

The hazard deck runs out and now the red level difficulty comes into play…..

137I take on the an Exploring the island hazard, getting 2 free cards, I only manage to score 2 of the needed 6 points, but do gain a life.

140I pay 1 life and get “Books” 0 score, but reduces the level of the card down to the yellow score. Only needing 1 more point, I spend another precious life point and draw a “focused” card giving me the win!

142I continue exploring, my 2 free card total 0 points…. but I can draw 2 extra free cards.

143The 2 extra cards give me 2 score points – still need 4 more to beat the hazard.

144I use the exchange ability to replace the two free cards, receiving an “eating” for 2 extra life points (nice!) and a “weapon” for 2 more points. I am now at 4 needing 2 more.

145I now draw the +1 card bonus and OH NO! I lose 1 life for 0 score…..

146I pay 1 life and get the card I need – “Repeat”. This card allows me to double the value of another card, I chose a 2 value card taking my total to 8 and defeating the hazard.

I struggle on and suddenly find myself with only 1 life point left…..

158The pirates are not far away, just a couple of hazards stand between me and them.

160Having lost my last life token beating the last hazard I played, I now stare down the barrel of defeat and the endless ramblings of Robinson….. Things are looking grim…..

162The worst possible result! I draw a “hungry” card…. as I can’t lose 1 life I lose the game….

163Are the pirates laughing at me? (I think their laughing at me….).


Verdict: A great little game that is simple to play, but very hard to beat!


Thanks for reading.

Next time – Truhlsrohk

Legendary Encounters – A comic review

Hi, I thought I might try something a little different with this review. I decided to try turning the 1st movie scenario that I recently played into a comic based review. As you will see, I am still to beat the first scenario based on the Nostromo….

Hope you like it.

Review CS 1 - Legendary Encounters

Review CS 1 - Legendary Encounters pg 2

Review CS 1 - Legendary Encounters pg 3

Have a great New Year and see you at the club sometime. Maybe we can clear the decks………..



The Legends of Summer tournament weekend is not too far away (14th – 15th February). As well as featuring the Toy and Game Expo board game events and LXG selection of board game tournaments, this year we will be hosting “Summer of Anarchy’, a two-day Battletech event (details are below).

Haven’t experienced Battletech before? Our resident Battletech expert, Drew Triebe, will be on hand at the LXG meeting on the 18th of January 2015. Drew is happy to show you the ins and outs of the game and prepare you for the “Summer of Anarchy” event.

For more information, please click here and check our facebook page 

A Game of Games November 2014

This update includes October, November, and the Grill’d games scores for 2014. If you are involved in Grill’d games, you year’s total has now been added to your ladder score.

Quite a few people have gained ranks as part of this update, starting with Keith D who becomes our second player to reach the rank of Viceroy!

Ranks gained are:

Viceroy: Keith D

Elector/Electress: Dustin H, Cassie V, Peter B

Duke: Martin I, Greg P, Sean H

Count/Countess: Jay N, Kahla B

Viscountess: Jessica H

Baroness: Michelle H

Knight/Lady: John H, Kris D, Helen L, Darryn W

Esquire: Charlotte M, James R, Ijaz F

Well done everyone!

Elector Electress

Duke Count Countess Vicountess Baroness knight Lady EsquireViceroy

2014 grand melee league finals

This year we have nine players only qualified for the finals, and those players are also the top nine players in the standings. I have taken the decision to make this a top 9 final rather than a top 8 final so that Leanne doesn’t miss out. Special treatment!

The final prize pool stands at 64 packs. This means the finals will be a sealed deck game, using the packs from the pool.

The finals will start promptly at 2.00pm Sunday 7 December to allow time for deck building as well as the final melee. Please be there on time or I am likely to assume you can’t make it and we’ll start without you.

How it works:

Players will build their decks for the finals using 6 packs chosen by them from the pool.

Starting with the top player on the ladder (Anthony H), each player will choose 3 packs from the prize pool. We will then repeat this so that each player has 6 packs.

There will be 40 minutes for deck building. Basic lands will be provided but it never hurts to bring your own supplies.

When all decks are built we will determine seating and play to decide the 2014 champion.

The packs available this year are:

16 Gatecrash

14 Born of the Gods

11 Journey into Nyx

9 Theros

7 Return to Ravnica

2 Magic 2013

1 Magic 2011

1 Magic 2014

1 Fifth Dawn

1 Khans of Tarkir

1 Saviors of Kamigawa

The competing finalists this year are:

Anthony H, David K, Eddie C, Jeremy N, Keith D, Jay N, Adrian R, Alex Sp, and Leanne J.

2014 grand melee league round 11

We had nine players for round 11 of 2014. In a mirror of the first round of 2014, Eddie won with his Maze’s End combo deck. Perhaps it’s time to bring land destruction? Dylan S played his first round of the year and got a kill, as did Eddie, Anthony, and David K.

final standings for 2014 are:

congrats to Anthony H who tops the ladder for the second (or is it third?) year running! Now you just have to win that final Anthony!

I will put up details of the finals shortly.