2014 Grand Melee League round 4

This was the special Earth Day round, with players restricted to mono-green and land cards in their decks. Anthony H emerged the winner at a 10-player table, getting two kills. David K managed three kills, Adrian R got two and Eddie C got one before stalling early with a very large Kavu Predator in play.

Here are the standings after round 4, Anthony’s win puts him top of the ladder once more.


April 2014 Meeting Preview – membership renewal month

This Sunday 20 April is the next LXG meeting, and the first at our new venue – our thanks again to everyone who helped move us to the new venue n the afternoon of the March meeting.

Our location has changed, but our activities remain the same! The LXG leagues continue this month, including the Grand Melee League which as a special ‘Earth Day’ round this month (see here for more details)

April is also membership renewal month, so don’t forget to bring your membership fees for the coming 12 months – membership details can be found here.

You can also sign up for the 2014 Winter Retreat.

The meeting will run from 9.00am to 5.00pm so plenty of time for games!

Grand Melee League Round 4 Commentary – deckbuilding

Round 4 of the 2014 Grand Melee League will be played at the April LXG meeting. This is a special round, called Earth Day. The deckbuilding rules for this special round are:

Decks must be constructed using only mono-green cards and lands. Otherwise normal league deck construction rules apply.

This has prompted a few questions, which I will try and answer here.

The only cards allowed in your deck for this special round are:
1. Mono-green cards. A mono-green card is a card that is green and no other colour
2. Lands. These cards have the word Land on their type line.

No other cards are allowed in this special round. For additional clarity, here are some card images with commentary.

This is Llanowar Elves. This is a mono-green card. It is green and no other colour. It is allowed in your deck.

This is Craterhoof Behemoth. This is a mono-green card. It is green and no other colour. It is allowed in your deck.

This is Thornscape Battlemage. This is a mono-green card. It is green and no other colour. It is allowed in your deck. Note the presence of other mana symbols in the card’s text box does not alter its being a mono-green card – only the mana cost in the top right of the card applies for a card’s colour.

This is Putrefy. This is not a mono-green card. It is green and black. It is not allowed in your deck

This is Slitherhead. This is not a mono-green card. It is green and black. It is not allowed in your deck. Note that as a hybrid card this could be cast for only green mana. However that does not change the fact that is is both green and black.

This is Elixir of Immortality. It is an artifact. It is colourless. It is not allowed in your deck, as it is neither mono-green nor a land.

EN MTGHOP Cards V3.indd
This is Copper Myr. It is an artifact. It is colourless. It is not allowed in your deck, as it is neither mono-green nor a land. Note the presence of green mana in its text box does not make it green.

This is a Forest. It is a Land. It is allowed in your deck. Any Land is allowed in your deck.

This is Rootbound Crag. It is a Land. It is allowed in your deck. Any Land is allowed in your deck, regardless of whether or not it produces green mana.

A Game of Games March 2014

There were a lot less scores to count up this month, due to it being moving day, and yet we still managed to have some members gaining ranks. There are always a few players close to their next rank, so its a good idea to keep those sheets coming in! See the updated ladder here.

This month Vanessa T made Princess, Greg P made Marquis, and Steve T reached Viscount rank. Well done all. If you have game sheets yet to hand in from this month, don’t worry, bring them along to the April meeting and we’ll add them in to that month’s pile.

Princess Marquis Viscount

2014 Grand Melee League round 3

Another 10-player single-table melee, but this one was a tale of ups and downs. Firstly Drew T really didn’t like his opening hand and position and wanted to quit after 3 turns. No, 2 turns. Cue the violins! A few players made some early gains but were pegged back by the deliberate or accidental actions of others. The table saw two Wraths of God and two Upheavals cast. Steve T emerged the winner with his BUG sliver deck using the new slivers to great effect.

Before Steve swept to victory, Adrian R, Keith D and David K all managed to pick up some kills. Jeremy N remains top of the ladder, and after his epic win Steve T goes right up into the top 4. Only eight more rounds to go to get into the top 8! Next month will be the Earth Day round, where only mono-green decks are allowed (see details).

Here’s the current standings:

March 2014 Meeting and Moving Day!

Sunday 16 March will be the next club meeting. We will also be moving all club equipment and games to our new venue this day.

LXG will move its games library and tables to the new venue from around 3pm at the coming meeting on Sunday 16th March.

What does this mean for you?

(a) If you have games out from the library can you please return them. Even if you can’t make it this Sunday, can you please drop the games in. We are taking this opportunity to label all the games and get the digitised borrowing system running for April.

(b) No games can be loaned this month (except for those persons running sanctioned LXG events. Games usually held by those persons will be labelled on Sunday prior to the move).

(c) As 3pm approaches can you ensure that any games you are still playing are labelled – see Phil or Kahla Bellhouse re this. Make sure those games are given to LXG committee members before the last games are removed around 5pm.

(d) Can you lend a hand with the move. We need help moving the games. If you can transport games to Woolloongabba that afternoon see Eddie Crompton (and get a chance to check out the new venue!)

At midday we will be giving everyone a news update and we will present prizes and trophies for the Legends and Australian Boardgaming Titles winners and runner ups.

The Grand Melee League will run, starting at 11.00am, so turn up early if you want to play this month!

Our new venue is the air-conditioned hall of the Woolloongabba Bridge Club, located at 67 Ipswich Road, Woolloongabba.



LXG Firefly Scenario


The board game Firefly has been making inroads to LXG after its introduction at Summer Advance. President Eddie Crompton describes it has having game mechanics similar to Talisman (ie building up a crew and equipment that will allow you to complete the objectives of the game). Its certainly popular at the moment, so much so that LXG recently ran a Firefly tournament at Legends of Summer (congratulations to the winner Dylan S). A special scenario was written for the event, which depicted the events of the Serenity movie. In response to requests from club members, here’s a template of the mission card (plus a number of explanatory notes and additional pieces). Enjoy!

Firefly Elimination of Allies

Firefly Miranda Mission

Firefly Sending the Mission

Firefly Tokens

Winter Retreat 2014

Keith has done us a great poster for the 2014 Winter Retreat, now at a Gold Coast venue! The venue change is in response to feedback we received about Currimundi at last year’s Winter Retreat and this year’s Summer Advance.

Click on the image below to viw in a separate window and enlarge to suit. You can also visit the venue site directly here. Note Winter Retreat will be held at the camp’s WEC centre, which you can view directly. There is space for 92 guests, in cabins which fit 6 people (and a couple of smaller cabins). Each cabin has its own ensuite shower/toilet facilities.

winter poster 2014

Top Articles February 2014

February was another popular month for the LXG website. In particular the articles around our 2014 Summer Legends event were especially popular. News of the news Go Lounge and the Grill’d games nights in Fortitude Valley also attracted eyeballs. Some of our reviews were also popular again this month.

Top 15 articles, February 2014

1. Summer Legends 2014 schedule
2. Board Games at Summer Legends 2014
3. New Games Stores in Brisbane
4. Bring & Buy Sale at Summer Legends
5. Games Night at Grill’d Fortitude Valley 2014
6. A Game of Games February 2014
7. Around the World in 8 Restaurants
8. Game Review: Deadwood
9. Board Games Lounge in Brisbane
10. Summer Legends 2014 this Week-end!
11. Born of the Gods multiplayer set review
12. Game Review: Dixit
13. Dystopian Wars Forces: Empire of the Blazing Sun
14. No Meeting this Week-end!
15. Dystopian Wars Frces: FSA

Previous Top 15:
January 2014
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2014 Grand Melee League round 2

This month we had 10 players at the table, so it was a single-table round. Things started off quietly enough, but then three threats emerged; Jeremy’s elf deck, Adrian’s poison deck, and Eddie’s artifact/eldrazi deck. None of these three were sitting next to one another, so the rest of the table bore the brunt of their attacks.

David was left hanging on by the eldrazi deck with 2 life and a single permanent, but managed to take out Alex Sp with that creature (Lotleth Troll, since you asked). Callum Sp fell to poison counters, but Jeremy N had created a steamroller effect, taking out Alex D and Adrian, leaving Jay N (who had already removed Keith D) with 7 poison counters and facing down an army of giant elves, thanks to the effects of Immaculate Magistrate applied to Joraga Warcaller.

Eddie fought off Leanne’s attacks long enough to finally put David out of his misery, only to see Jeremy finish the game with an attacking Novablast Wurm followed up with a Biorhythm that took Leanne and Eddie down to zero life and out of the game.

Jeremy N got a big win, with five kills and an achievement, and now heads up the ladder.


Winners of Summer Legends 2014


Robo Rally: Nigel Bell
Twilight Imperium: Lance Ashcroft
Viewpoint: John Murray
Power Grid: Ben Small
Firefly: Dylan Shearer
Tzolkin: Wayne Taylor
Ra: Vanessa Tierney
Pass the Pigs: Eddie Crompton

WarMachine Who’s the Boss?: Adrian Roberts
WarMachine Mangled Metal: Eddie Crompton


Settlers of Catan: Danny Frahm
Dominion: Sean Halstead (by 1 point!)
Ticket to Ride: Matthew Hamlet

A Game of Games February 2014

After Summer Legends, we have six club members who have gained a rank. This number will change, as these results only cover casual games, plus the War Machine games played. The Game of Games page will be updated again once I have the full tournament results from our board game events. For now, Leanne J becomes only the fourth club member to gain more than 1,000 points and reach the rank of Grand Duchess! Ross vS and John M each gained Elector rank, leaving us with no one at Prince/Princess rank for the time being.

edit: An extra seven members gained ranks thanks to the tournaments and special events played.

Ranks Gained, February 2014
Grand Duchess: Leanne J
Elector: John M, Ross vS
Duke: Lance A, Liam P
Marquis: David R
Count: Sam M
Baron/Baroness: Phil B, Kahla B, Anthony R, Tom R
Baronet/Baronetess: Rachel vS, Pedro D, Callum Sp

Grand Duchess Elector Marquis
Baron Baroness
Duke Baronet Baronetess

Summer Legends 2014 this week-end!


Coming on Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 February is our Summer Legends event for 2014. This year’s event promises to be truly legendary with a packed schedule full of different tabletop events, with some great prizes available too. See the full program here.

Since that shedule was put together we have been able to confirm another great event – Pass the Pigs. This one costd $1 per throw with the money raised going to the very worthy Young Care charity.

You may like the “Icons of Fantasy” prize too:
- A beautiful A2 framed reproduction HBO map of Westeros (Game of Thrones)
- The Harry Potter School House Badges
- The One Ring (from LOTR)
- The Hammer of Thor USB stick


All this goes to the one with the highest throw at the end of the day!

Born of the Gods multiplayer set review

Born of the Gods is the second set in the Theros block (for a multiplayer review of Theros see here). This set mainly serves to complete the picture drawn by the first set in the block. For multiplayer fans that is actually a good thing. What you find with Born of the Gods is a set with cards that can fit into multiple decks, either improving them or adding alternative options. It lacks the linearity of other sets – there’s no theme deck you would make up using only cards from this set. However the versatility of the cards, especially the uncommons, opens up some welcome new options for deck builders.

Mechanics & Cycles
Born of the Gods adds to the mechanics of the Theros set, although sadly there was no room for more Monstrous cards.

Archetypes: The Archetypes are a cycle of five creatures, one for each colour. These archetypes grant an ability to all your creatures, and remove that ability from your opponents’ creatures. For example the green creature Archetype of Endurance grants all of your creatures hexproof, while creatures your opponents control lose hexproof and cannot have or gain hexproof. Nice, or nasty depending on where you are sitting!aoe
Bestow: Born of the Gods has more bestow cards to add to the mix, and develops the ability in some interesting ways. The common and uncommon bestow cards added in this set are well worth a look.
Gods: There were five Gods in Theros, one for each colour. In Born of the Gods we also have five, one for each allied colour pair. As in Theros the Gods are all mythic rare indestructible enchantment creatures. These multicolour gods require a devotion level of seven rather than the five required by the Theros Gods. However they each add two to their own devotion score so it kind of evens out. Each Gods is powerful in its own way, and does not need to be a creature in order to affect the table to your advantage.
Heroic: There are a few heroic cards in Born of the Gods, and these mostly fill in some of the missing slots from Theros. Nothing earth-shattering, but some interesting and useful cards can be found.
Inspired: This is one of two new mechanics in the set, and by far the best. Inspired creatures all have an ability that triggers whenever they untap. Naturally this will happen in your untap step (though technically, the ability doesn’t go on the stack until the beginning of your upkeep). The ability will also trigger any other time they untap. Cards from Theros that untap creatures suddenly make a lot more sense.
Tribute: Tribute is an ability seen on larger creatures, and frankly it is a poor replacement for Monstrous. Tribute triggers when the creature enters the battlefield and gives your opponent a choice; either pay the tribute by putting a number of +1/+1 counters on the creature, or else give you another advantage. Being as this is the opponent’s choice, where there is one option that is clearly better for you; that is the one your opponent is likely to choose, making these cards lacklustre at best. There were a couple (and I mean literally two) that look interesting but overall I would rather have seen a development of the Monstrous mechanic from Theros instead.

Born of the Gods: Ten interesting cards for multiplayer
1. Akroan Skyguard – a small heroic creature that can become a threat quite quickly with the right spells and bestow cards
2. Archetype of Imagination – the blue archetype grants flying to your creatures and denies flying to your opponents’ mgos
3. Chromanticore – a five colour bestow creature that gets the mind working
4. Ephara’s Enlightenement – an enchantment that can keep growing your creatures, as long as you keep playing creatures
5. Fate Unraveler – this black creature punishes your opponents for drawing cards, which fits nicely into certain decks…
6. Flame-wreathed Phoenix – one of the two Tribute creatures that looks worth the effort (the other is a white uncommon)
7. God-Favored General – this Inspired creature can create an army for you, if you can untap it enough times
8. Heroes’ Podium – this card is like Coat of Arms, except for Legendary creatures. Well worth a look.
9. Mogis, God of Slaughter – the black/red God is strongly associated with Minotaurs, though he isn’t one himself (he just looks like one)
10. Swordwise Centaur – this green common provides you with three power for two mana, not to be overlooked.

See the Born of the Gods card image gallery