The Legends of Summer tournament weekend is not too far away (14th – 15th February). As well as featuring the Toy and Game Expo board game events and LXG selection of board game tournaments, this year we will be hosting “Summer of Anarchy’, a two-day Battletech event (details are below).

Haven’t experienced Battletech before? Our resident Battletech expert, Drew Triebe, will be on hand at the LXG meeting on the 18th of January 2015. Drew is happy to show you the ins and outs of the game and prepare you for the “Summer of Anarchy” event.

For more information, please click here and check our facebook page 

A Game of Games November 2014

This update includes October, November, and the Grill’d games scores for 2014. If you are involved in Grill’d games, you year’s total has now been added to your ladder score.

Quite a few people have gained ranks as part of this update, starting with Keith D who becomes our second player to reach the rank of Viceroy!

Ranks gained are:

Viceroy: Keith D

Elector/Electress: Dustin H, Cassie V, Peter B

Duke: Martin I, Greg P, Sean H

Count/Countess: Jay N, Kahla B

Viscountess: Jessica H

Baroness: Michelle H

Knight/Lady: John H, Kris D, Helen L, Darryn W

Esquire: Charlotte M, James R, Ijaz F

Well done everyone!

Elector Electress

Duke Count Countess Vicountess Baroness knight Lady EsquireViceroy

2014 grand melee league finals

This year we have nine players only qualified for the finals, and those players are also the top nine players in the standings. I have taken the decision to make this a top 9 final rather than a top 8 final so that Leanne doesn’t miss out. Special treatment!

The final prize pool stands at 64 packs. This means the finals will be a sealed deck game, using the packs from the pool.

The finals will start promptly at 2.00pm Sunday 7 December to allow time for deck building as well as the final melee. Please be there on time or I am likely to assume you can’t make it and we’ll start without you.

How it works:

Players will build their decks for the finals using 6 packs chosen by them from the pool.

Starting with the top player on the ladder (Anthony H), each player will choose 3 packs from the prize pool. We will then repeat this so that each player has 6 packs.

There will be 40 minutes for deck building. Basic lands will be provided but it never hurts to bring your own supplies.

When all decks are built we will determine seating and play to decide the 2014 champion.

The packs available this year are:

16 Gatecrash

14 Born of the Gods

11 Journey into Nyx

9 Theros

7 Return to Ravnica

2 Magic 2013

1 Magic 2011

1 Magic 2014

1 Fifth Dawn

1 Khans of Tarkir

1 Saviors of Kamigawa

The competing finalists this year are:

Anthony H, David K, Eddie C, Jeremy N, Keith D, Jay N, Adrian R, Alex Sp, and Leanne J.

2014 grand melee league round 11

We had nine players for round 11 of 2014. In a mirror of the first round of 2014, Eddie won with his Maze’s End combo deck. Perhaps it’s time to bring land destruction? Dylan S played his first round of the year and got a kill, as did Eddie, Anthony, and David K.

final standings for 2014 are:

congrats to Anthony H who tops the ladder for the second (or is it third?) year running! Now you just have to win that final Anthony!

I will put up details of the finals shortly.

November 2014 meeting preview and Memoir 44 special event

If you are looking for something to do indoors on another hot summer week-end, then come down to the LXG meeting this Sunday 23 November! We will have our games library of 400 titles available, so there is something for everyone. Members also bring their own games adding further to the variety!

Our meetings are fully catered, so you can buy your lunch in the gaming room, with no need to lose valuable gaming time to meals!

Also we have a very special all-day event for Memoir 44. Places are strictly limited to 10, so get in quick if you are interested!


Vault Games launch party

If 23 November is too long to wait for the nest meeting, then why not head along to our venue on 9 November for the Vault games launch party:


The miniatures games include a Warhammer 40,000 Kill Team event and a Star Wars X-Wing miniatures 100 point tournament. There will be Magic: the Gathering drafts morning and evening, with a Commander tournament in between.

As well as the games and activities listed above, the LXG game library will be available for use during the event. You don’t have to be an LXG member to come along and participate but for those who are, you can effectively treat this an an additional meeting. Remember that space priority will be given to Vault Games for their events though.

2014 grand melee league round 10

The tenth round, with just one match to go before the finals, saw a full table of twelve players. Normally we would split this into two tables of six, but with two late entries we went with one big table. The game went for the full two hours and in the end Jay N took his second victory of the year, this time with a powerful ally deck.

The kills were spread around the table with David K getting 4, Eddie C and Adrian R managing 2, and Anthony H, Jay N and Leanne J each getting 1.

No achievements were earned this month, so here are the current standings going in to round 11. The top 8 are looking quite secure:


Grand Melee League September 2014

I wasn’t able to come to the LXG meeting this month due to illness, but fortunately Eddie C was able to step in and run this round for me. Thanks Eddie!

We had eight players this month, and the round ended with no winner as three players were still alive. Alex Sp managed 2 kills, while Leanne J, Jeremy N, and Anthony H each got 1 kill. Here are the league standings after this round:


There are now two rounds remaining to book your place in the finals, but remember you must have played in five or more rounds to be eligible.

A Game of Games August 2014

Points were doubled for all games played as part of the Legends events, which meant a lot of ranks were gained. 21 members went up in the ranks after this week-end.


Elector/Electress: Kat McG, Nigel B, Anthony H

Prince/Princess: Cassie V, Dustin H, Leigh R

Duke: Alex Sp, David R

Marquis: Tony H

Viscount: Jay N, Pedro E, Anthony R

Baroness: Kim A

Baronet/ Baronetess: Paul A, Joe C, Kate R

Knight: Shane A, Tyson D, Greg W

Esquire: Darryn W, Peter He

Elector Electress Prince
Princess Duke Marquis
Viscount Baroness Baronet
Baronetess knight Esquire

2014 Grand Melee League round 8

Keith won on a single table of seven players, after his infinite mana Fireball cleared the table of Eddie C and Jeremy N. Keith picked up a win, two kills, and an achievement to move up to fifth in the rankings.

Jeremy N got three kills and an achievement too, while Mal O managed a single kill.

Here are the standings after round 8. Remember you must have played 5 rounds or more to be eligible for the top 8 finals at the December meetings, only three more rounds to go!


Winter Legends 2014 events

We have a number of schedules events running at the two-day Winter Legends event on 16 & 17 August this year. Here are the details:

Here’s the schedule for Winter Legends (16th-17th August). All games cost $2 to enter or you can buy a weekend entry pass for all games running over the 2 days for $5. The exceptions to this are the War Machine tournament which is $20 for 1 day only or $35 for both days) and the Grand Melee League round 8 on Sunday, which costs one booster to enter as always.

Saturday 16th August
(10am – 12pm)

Magic: the Gathering – Pack Wars
Pack Wars is a Magic variant format where two players each open a booster, shuffle in 15 basic land cards (3 of each type), and play! Packs from the Journey Into Nyx and Born of the Gods sets will be available for players at $5 each. Basic land will be provided. If you win three matches you may choose one from a selection of foil card prizes!

(1pm – 3pm)
Ticket to Ride

(4pm – 6pm)
7 Wonders

(10am – 6pm)
Twilight Imperium
War Machine (Day One)
Memoir 44 (Day One)

Sunday 17th August
(10am – 12pm)

(1pm – 3pm)
Lords of Waterdeep

(3pm – 5pm)
Magic: the Gathering
The Settlers of Catan

(10am – 5pm)
Axis and Allies
War Machine (Day Two)
Memoir 44 (Day Two)

Pre-book with Keith Done on keefdoneATgmailDOTcom to guarantee a place.

Grand Melee League round 7

There was no result in the infamous Commander round, with the game finally called at 5.30 with four out of nine players still in the game. Anthony H managed four kills and David K got one, each of these players also got an achievement, as did Jay N for coming to his fifth round of the year.

Here are the standings after round 7.


I’ve listened to everyone’s feedback on this special round, and with the exception of xmas, special rounds in the future will not require you to bring a different deck. General melee decks will always be able to be used in rounds throughout the year.