Grand Melee League round 7

There was no result in the infamous Commander round, with the game finally called at 5.30 with four out of nine players still in the game. Anthony H managed four kills and David K got one, each of these players also got an achievement, as did Jay N for coming to his fifth round of the year.

Here are the standings after round 7.


I’ve listened to everyone’s feedback on this special round, and with the exception of xmas, special rounds in the future will not require you to bring a different deck. General melee decks will always be able to be used in rounds throughout the year.

July 2014 meeting preview

We’ve barely had tome to get over Winter Retreat and there’s a club meeting coming! Isn’t that the way it should be? Come join us this Sunday 20 July for our next meeting. All games borrowed for Winter Retreat can be returned on Sunday so the library will be full again and available to all. The 2014 leagues will continue this month – Agricola and Magic: the Gathering Grand Melee.

Note to Grand Melee players: this month’s round will be played in Commander format, so don’t forget to bring a deck! If you do, a few kind people have volunteered to bring extras, so remember to ask nicely! This will be the last special round before Christmas.

A Game of Games, Winter Retreat 2014

The Winter Retreat scores are in and totaled, and nineteen club members rose in the ranks as a result of Winter Retreat this year. Ladder leader Eddie C has also unlocked a new rank by reaching Viceroy with his haul of 162 points. Only 473 more points to your next rank, Eddie! Ranks were gained at almost all points on the ladder, from Viceroy down to Esquire.

New Ranks:

Viceroy: Eddie C
Grand Duke: Adrian R
Archduke: David M
Electress: Vanessa T
Prince: Andrew B, Peter B
Duke: Aris T, Terry K
Marquis: Sam M
Viscount: Tony H
Baron/Baroness: Jessica H, Pedro D, Callum Sp
Baronet/Baronetess: Jay N, Michelle H
Knight/Lady: Greg He, Junna H
Esquire: Peter T

Viceroy Grand Duke Archduke
Electress Prince Duke
Marquis Viscount Baron
Baroness Baronet Baronetess
knight Lady Esquire

In addition, here are all the points from Winter Retreat, based on the game of games slips handed in. Non-club members are in italics.


Grand Melee at 2014 Winter Retreat

At Winter Retreat we always have a larger than usual melee, with 18 or so people competing last year. The format changes from year to year at the winner’s behest. Last year’s winner, Courtney J, as indicated her changes to this year’s format:

Decks will be made to the normal grand melee building rules (see here) with the following two additions:

No artifact lands
No cards that say “you win the game”

The melee will start on Saturday at 2.00pm

2014 Grand melee league round 6

Thirteen people showed up to play today, which meant two tables, one of six and one of seven. On the top table, it was the battle of the combo decks which Jay N won by virtue of four copies of Biovisionary.

On table two, Alex Sp got the victory, and three kills. Alex D and Tiny each picked up a kill on table two, and Adrian R picked up two on table one before the game ending combo. Sometimes a fast deck is a good deck!

Here are the standings after round 6:


June 2014 meeting preview

This Sunday 15 June is the next LXG meeting, at our new venue of the Woolloongabba Bridge Club. The LXG games library will be available to use my members and guests as usual.

We will also be voting on new games to be acquired for library as a result of our recent grant win. Only members can vote, so if you haven’t renewed your membership yet, this month is your chance to renew and vote for up to three games you would like the committee to purchase for the club. Membership rates remain unchanged from last year, and can be viewed here.

From June forward, there will be a caterer at the LXG meetings, so there’s no need to bring a packed lunch or else run the gauntlet of Ipswich Road when you are feeling hungry.

Our Agricola, Grand Melee, and Power Grid leagues will also continue this month.

LXG Wins Telstra Grant

The club has recently won a Telstra community grant to buy additional board games for our games library. The committee will make the final decision on which games to purchase, but is seeking opinions from all members. At the next meeting (15 June) all members will be asked to nominate three games for the club to acquire with the grant. You can nominate:
* additional copies of the games the club already has
* expansions for games the club already has
* games the club does not have

The committee will choose the most popular games to add to the library. If you haven’t renewed your LXG membership yet, come along to the 15 June meeting, and you can renew and vote! Games will be purchased and made available at the August meeting, or else at Winter Retreat depending on delivery times.

Thanks go to Keith D for applying for the grant on behalf of the club, and to Peter H who alerted the committee to this opportunity. New games everyone!

A Game of Games May 2014

It was a fairly quiet club meeting today, mainly due to it clashing with Mothers’ Day. We still had over 40 members and guests playing games all day. Only two club members gained ranks today though. Everyone else is still grinding their way through the ranks!

Congratulations to Phil B (Viscount) and Jay N (Esquire) who each went up a rank following today’s games.

Viscount Esquire

A quick note: those of you who didn’t renew your club membership in April or May will be removed from the ladder shortly. Don’t panic! Your points will be reactivated when you renew your membership. If you have a look at the ladder in a few weeks and your name is not there, this is why.

Premium Deck Series

Hey every one. Will be making decks similar to the ones that David has been making.

These ones however will include around half a dozen rares but no booster. Some will be 60 cards some will be bigger. Might even think of making commander decks if any one is interested prices tba.

The idea is if your a new player you can buy one of Davids decks to jump straight into the melee then once you’ve got the hang of things or if you’ve been playing for a while you can by one of these premium decks to fill out your collection.

Each deck will have a theme or play style or be centered around a particular card or combo and will contain plenty of uncommon’s, rares and nonbasic lands to let you fill out all parts of your collection.

Decks cost $4 with a spindown life counter included and will be available from club. Just ask for Eddie.


Here are the first few i have put together. As always feedback is welcome as are suggestions.


Chaotic Sandstorm

This creature heavy deck is an old one that may have once been a pre-constructed deck from way back in planar chaos. I’ve stripped it down and rebuilt it around some of the sets flash and vanish mechanics. Most of the creatures in this deck have  a bounce one of your own creatures as an enter play ability use this in conjunction with flash to keep your hand full of options and your opponents unsure when the next creature may appear.

There are also some split cards in this deck. The way they work is each half is a separate spell and when you play one you choose which half to play paying all costs for that half and ignoring the other half completely.

Cards = 60

(u) uncommon (r) rare


9 x mountains

9x plains

2x boros guildgate

2x boros garrison

1x terrmorphic expanse

1x evolving wilds


4x jhoira’s timebug

4x whitemane lion

3x aven riftwatcher

3x stonecloaker (u)

4x dust elemantal (r)

2x calciderm (u)

1x angel of salvation (r)

3x stingscourger

4x keldon marauders

3x lavacore elemantal (u)

1x conquering manticore (r)


2x order/chaos (u)

2x dead/gone


TYPICAL (insert auto win joke here) RED DECK

The “red deck wins” joke stems from red flat out aggressive power in standard able to keep the board clear of threats and apply continual pressure to the opponent with creatures and direct damage spells. While this is true in one vs one formats it can be a bit trickier to apply to multi-player games as the red deck quickly runs out of steam and you have to rely on top decking cards to stay in the game. Not the best strategy! So while this deck might not have the most powerful cards there are allot of direct burn which can target player or creature to keep options open. But its not all just burn spells, there are plenty of creatures that support the general theme of  damage and burn. Cards like charm breaker devils and wild guess keep spells flowing through your hand while creatures like spitemare and pharagax giant keep the damage pressure up on your opponents.

This deck uses a few hybrid cards that are red and one other color. They are still as much red cards as they are any other color so they fit right in this deck.

Cards = 75

(u) uncommon (r) rare


30x mountains (that was easy!)


2x blistercoil weird (u)

2x mogg flunkies

2x kiln fiend

4x spitemare (u)

1x pharagax giant

2x galvanoth (r)

1x charmbreaker devils (r)


2X lightning bolt

2x shock

2x spark jolt

2x geistflame

2x punishing fire (u)

1x rack and ruin (u)

1x smash

3x fiery temper

2x hidetsugu’s second rite (r)

1x into the core (u)


2x faithless looting

2x wild guess

2x browbeat (u)

2x traitorous blood

2x slagstorm (r)

1x surreal memoir (u)

1x death by dragons (u)


1x leyline of punishment (r)

LXG Meeting May 2014

Don’t forget Sunday 11 May is the next LXG meeting. This early meeting is because our new venue won’t be available on our usual third Sunday. Our games library will be available, and all LXG leagues will continue this month. Come along for causal game fun!

Agricola Loft standings April 2014

agricolaThe LXG Agricola league is in full swing, with participants having until November to qualify for the finals. See Terry K at a club meeting if you are interested. The top 5 will qualify.

Here are the current standings:
Terry (25)
Angela (24)
Mal (16.5)
Franck (14.5)
Kim (12)

David M (11.5)
Darren (11.5)
Paul (10)
James (7)
Andrew (7)

2014 Grand Melee League round 4

This was the special Earth Day round, with players restricted to mono-green and land cards in their decks. Anthony H emerged the winner at a 10-player table, getting two kills. David K managed three kills, Adrian R got two and Eddie C got one before stalling early with a very large Kavu Predator in play.

Here are the standings after round 4, Anthony’s win puts him top of the ladder once more.